Cherry cherish the values


Today Mega power star Ram Charan  is celebrating his 31st birthday…. If we  remembers his name,we need to install  high scale  calculator mobile apps to count his records in the Cinema industry, graceful moments will be visible in front of our eyes,If he wears a sword on horse looks like a modern warrior, he is the best emotional carrier ….more over he is the best legacy catcher of one and only megastar Chiranjeevi’s heavy weight image . But most of the people does not know about his hidden angle,yes.. He became brand ambassador for the values protection,he is cherishing the values over the society.Please find below how he is protecting the values.

  •  After such a big disaster like Orange,He would have been selected a big and successful directer but identified the talent and given a good career to Directer Sampath Nandi by giving Rachcha movie. Every one in industry surprised over this opportunity because Sampth’s first movie “Emaindi ee vela” was marked as B grade even though it was a hit,no one will dare to give the chance.But Charan broken the chains and broken the records with Rachcha.
  • Ram Charan will not take complete remuneration foe a film before release,he helps producer to clear the debts over movie and clears release process.He will be paid once the producer in safe mode.Pure example …he get back the amount from bandla Ganesh after GAV.He did not take remuneration for Orange which create a crisis for Naga babu.
  • He always give importance to the talent rather than success which was proved with Johny master selection for Rachcha.
  •  He is adopting orphans by supporting his wife Upasana who is named social worker.
  •  Charan is the very first person who responds for any natural disaster attacks which is proven for Hududh toofan and Chennai disaster
  •  He become first south Indian super star who performed on stage for IIFA utsavam .He donated  complete remuneration to the Chennai victims which is 1 crore rupees.
  •  Charan is a good friend,he leads his friends when they are in crisis.His best friends are NTR,Rana, Sharwanand,Sandeep Kishan,Prabhas,Manchu Manoj.
  • He does not have egos as he creates such a good environment and healthy competition in the industry that he always appreciates the colleagues when they get success .For Example when Sreemanthudu succeeded ,none of the industry guys appreciated Mahesh babu except Ram charan.
  • In one interview ,Jayprada asked Charan about plus points of Mahesh babu ,then replied ” Mahesh is  the most handsome person,if Mahesh give me a  bit of skin tone .I am the happiest person”, which shows his attitude
  • Charan is a grounded person ,treats his employees and workers very well for example he helps Apollo employees when they are in crisis.
  • He treats parents are the visible god ,worships parents than god.
  • He guides his cousins Varun,Sai,Shirish and Niharika a lot  without feeling any competition.

Charan chesrish the values as he become protector  for the values in society,Let’s wish Charan to celebrate more wonderful birthday celebrations in his life.


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