Parents are the visible gods

Ram Charan Teja Upasana at Tirupathi

Mega power star Ram Charan addressed to the Mallareddy students on Saturday on occasion of annual fest.Ram Charan shared many things about his life,parents,studies and of course love.He given message to youth that they can fall in love if it is real love and can go any levels to achieve that but we should be in limits.That love should break our family,career and our personal interests.

Ram Charan also told that “everyone’s family should be top prioritized in our life than others.We can get many good friends in our life,but we can’t get a family if we lost them.So take care of your family,Especially we should worship our parents,because they are the visible gods.Most of the people worship god but neglect their parents which god may treat this is a useless worship to him”


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